lumberjack chic

Today is Wednesday. That means it’s dinner at Happy Cafe tonight! Yes, the hubby and I made the trek down to San Mateo and ventured outside the city for a meal that’s worth every mile. I look forward to these weekly trips because it also means I get to see my folks — they meet us there since the restaurant is about half way between us and where my parents live (ok maybe a tad closer to where we live but close enough!).

It’s been rainy and windy for the past 2 days in SF so I made sure to bundle up and ordered my favorite Chinese spinach with pork won ton soup. Yummy!


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • lumberjack chic mixed with a luxuriously tantalizing fur collar!
  • “moccasin soul” for a casual and relaxed way of life
  • accessories make the outfit – fur, fringe, flannel and fabric (print bag)


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