show your stripes

Today is 1.11.11! It’s also 2 weeks of blogging for me! Thanks to the readers for following along and thanks to the wonderful hubby for putting up with these “photo shoots!” Now there’s an idea for a future blog post: the guy behind the lens 🙂

These tuxedo-stripe khakis by Old Navy have been a crowd favorite — both from a style and price point of view so I decided to wear them to the office today.


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • silver studs
  • flannel and plaid
  • vintage Chanel accesssory

7 thoughts on “show your stripes”

  1. Love! I finally ordered the pants – can’t wait to get them. : ) Also, I love that you are reading This Is San Francisco in the top photo (we almost got you This is Paris for Christmas but worried you might already have it!).
    Happy two week blogiversary xx!

  2. I got my pants the other day and the 0s were definitely better. I DO NOT believe that you could not zip up a 2. You are taller yes, but no bigger than me!

    1. Thanks! Hmm I haven’t seen that brand online or in the U.S. so maybe? I just happened to come across the pumps at Lane Crawford in HK and they were very comfy and I preferred the lower heels.

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