Look #2 for project: one jacket, multiple looks!

Here’s to my next look. See this post for background on the challenge.

Look #2: Fur vest worn by itself.


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • silky soft fur vest
  • drawstring waistband (with side stripes too!) — perfect for those heavy meals that require expandable waists ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • glamourous approach to casual-chic

Special thanks to Jacob Meltzer, my awesome co-worker and photographer extraordinaire, for taking these pics during our lunch break.

8 thoughts on “Look #2 for project: one jacket, multiple looks!”

  1. HELEN! i love you have your blog! and just need to tell you that i am loving the bangs! i am all about bangs and i think it looks super cute on you and the length is SO right. but then it also makes me think that you have to get it trim pretty often (speaking from my own experience). bestbest.

  2. Helen,
    Love the blog1 I was reading Michele’s blog and saw your post on yours and went a searching! You have a wonderful sense of style!

  3. I am loving your glamorous approach to casual-chic. I didn’t think I would take a double look at those pants, but they look really cute on. Love it all!

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