ebb and flow

You guessed it — today is Wednesday and that means dinner at Happy Cafe along with my newly engaged friends I+I!

Our weekly ritual to eat at Happy Cafe got me thinking about my periodic obsessions (and addictions). I’ve gone through many sweet cravings including donuts, cupcakes, fro yo, dark chocolate, macarons, and most recently back to cupcakes. By now you’re probably thinking “isn’t this blog supposed to be about what Helen wore today and not what Helen ate today?!” (but wouldn’t that be fun to read and see too?). My point, I guess, is that I tend to fluctuate on my guilty pleasures but I always seem to have one. It’s similar to my taste in clothing, trends, and designers. I sometimes even find myself style stalking certain items. The more I can’t find it, the more I want it. But I wonder if I would feel the same about that particular item in the future? Luckily for me, I still adore my Phillip Lim coat that I bought several years ago which is why I needed to wear it again. Today!


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • cascading ruffles remind me of waves
  • orange sherbet collar
  • baubles and sequins

Special kudos to my super awesome co-worker Kelly Hoffer for taking these creative photos of yours truly! There were too many favorites to choose from so enjoy…

4 thoughts on “ebb and flow”

    1. Hey tell your hubby to vote for me on Facebook. I’m a finalist for a Gryphon New York jacket contest. I would be so grateful 🙂 And yeah orange sherbet makes me hungry too…

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