zebra chic

Remember this Gryphon contest that I was contemplating on entering? Well, thanks to my friend Nina and her words of encouragement, I ended up submitting a photo at the last minute. And now I’m a lucky finalist! So far, it looks like it’s between Winona Ryder look-alike, random couple, Rocker Grandma, and yours truly.

So now my shameless plug…Please vote for me and the little buddhy  (!) on Facebook (if you haven’t already) as we would be thrilled to own one of their re-worked vintage Schoolboy Blazers (and you know it will so make it to this blog!).

Here’s how:

1) “Like” the Gryphon Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/gryphonnewyork?ref=ts

2) “Like” my photo in the Contest Finalists album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=269373&id=47912183245&ref=mf (I’m the one in the pink pants, in case you didn’t know ;))

Thanks in advance for all the support! They will tally all the votes (likes) by Friday at 6pm ET.


I love it when I get to work and my CEO says to me “Zebra fashion day?” 😉 Hence the name for today’s post!


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • shimmery gold accents
  • pouf sleeves! can we say Dynasty and the Carringtons?? (I miss that show too!)
  • black and white and pop of red (vintage bag)

Thanks to my marketing partner-in-crime, Amanda, for taking these photos for me!

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