hot pants

I was a little depressed today when I heard that there could be a chance of showers in the weekend forecast. After a wonderful week of sunny skies in SF, I was beginning to think it was actually Spring in January. My recent outfits probably convey my excitement for Spring too with the bright hues. And a girl can’t just have one pair of pink pants, she needs at least two 😉 I salivated when I read this Oh Joy post on slim-legged bright pants from Zara and immediately snagged a pair (though I really do love ALL the colors)!


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • slim fitted pants
  • hot pink and leopard print
  • vintage flower pin

Thanks to my colleague Steven for putting up with my camera and taking these cool shots. Next time, we’ll use his fancy camera!

One thought on “hot pants”

  1. I saw these today in zara at the grove and they looked super cute in person! I thought of both you and joy (and really thought of you when i spotted the tomato pants at the gap!).

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