the winner takes it all

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s my year, the Year of the Rabbit 🙂 And 2011 is already starting on a good note…

Remember this Gryphon contest that I was contemplating on entering? And then ended up submitting a photo at the last minute? And then became a lucky finalist? Well, yours truly actually won the contest!!! Now I really can’t say that “I never win anything.”

And none of this could’ve happened if it hadn’t been for all of my wonderful Facebook friends and fans for liking my photo. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I received my prize possession – the beautiful Gryphon vintage schoolboy blazer (thank you Gryphon!) – earlier this week and as promised, it has made it to my fashion blog. Enjoy!


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • vintage Gryphon
  • vintage bangle
  • peep toe pumps

Thanks to my co-worker Steven for taking these amazing photos (!!!) at the SF King St Caltrain station using his super fancy camera lens!

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