kiss kiss

Happy Valentine’s Day! I heart SF even in the rain.

So this will be the hubby and my 4th Valentine’s together. To uncelebrate, we agreed to a home-cooked meal minus overpriced flowers. But “Kiss Kiss” (or as my cutie patutie LA friend would say “Buss Buss“) to some Kara’s cupcakes!

Oh and what do you think of our take of the “Sixteen Candles” photo? We are  such silly posers!!!


What I wore today:

  • red “Kiss Kiss” sweater (I purchased this sweater in a night market in Thailand but it looks like a Markus Lupfer knock off!)
  • tuxedo-stripe khakis by Old Navy
  • black ballet pumps by Chanel
  • vintage black cashmere military-style coat by Yohji Yamamoto

Why I love it:

  • red is the color of love
  • black sequin lettering
  • coat with 3/4 sleeves!

5 thoughts on “kiss kiss”

  1. That last picture is too cute and so is your sweater. It is so perfectly Valentine’s.
    I just found your blog through the J. Crew Aficionada and I have to say I really love you style!!

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