leopard, lace and military

Today I had lunch with an old co-worker. I was looking forward to this lunch date since it had been quite some time since our last outing. Anyways, when we met, she immediately told me how much she enjoys my fashion blog — so much that her man even knows about my blog! It’s moments like these that make me smile inside and so motivated to continue this thing called “blogging about what I wore today.”

I heart you Kim. I heart your boyfriend too! Now tell him to subscribe 🙂


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • combo of delicate lace with masculine military
  • a giraffe pendant! (I found this bad boy at the J.Crew outlet in Napa)
  • vintage Lanvin leopard print bag (a steal at Jeremy’s!!!)

Thanks to co-worker and photographer Steven Yan for taking these pictures today using your awesome lens (again!). In fact, many of you have said that you really like his photos. Check back soon as I will post his website when it’s available.

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