color block

Isabel Marant. Her clothes are stylish, not trendy or seasonal. Basic enough to wear them everyday but not at all blah.

And Sunday was a glorious day for wearing one of my favorite Isabel Marant tops, the Boris tee. And some color blocking. And some sorbet. Scream sorbet!


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • anything by Isabel Marant
  • color blocking
  • sky blue chinos (or as my co-worker would say, “nice scrubs”)

5 thoughts on “color block”

  1. oooh… isabel marant……. i lust for her stuff. it’s so hard to find them in stores here in seattle though. i also love your pants. i need a pair of sky blue skinny trousers. are they new from j crew? i should go check it out.


    1. i know! isabel marant is only carried at 3 boutiques here in sf (nida, metier and elizabeth charles) and barneys. yup, those “orchid blue” pants are from j.crew. but i totally agree with you that j.crew pants tend to stretch over time. i recently bought these in size 2 but i think i could’ve easily sized down since now they seem bigger after only wearing a few times.

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