what helen ate in beijing

today’s post is dedicated to what i ate so far in China. actually what i ate in Beijing!

dough is a very big ingredient in northern chinese cuisine so it’s not suprising that breakfast usually consists of steamed buns or bao tzi. we tasted both the traditional kind of ground pork and onions as well as the veggie variety with baby bok choy and mushrooms. it’s also ridiculously inexpensive — we ordered so much for breakfast and it was still only $2 total! in fact, each bao tzi is roughly 10 cents. yes, 10 cents!

the noodles are always either hand pulled or knife sliced and i love both! along with noodles, we tasted the dumplings — both boiled and pan fried.

another famous dish in beijing is the peking roast duck. we “splurged” for dinner and went to Da Dong restaurant to get our duck on. it was by far the best peking duck that i’ve ever tasted in my life. hands down. the roast duck is carved tableside and the meat is very lean with the skin being crispy perfection.

i hope you enjoy these food pictures 🙂 BEWARE, there are a lot!!! And check out my goodbye march with the soldiers in Tiananmen Square. I hope to visit Beijing again!


What I ate in beijing:

  • zha ziang noodles
  • pork and celery dumplings
  • pan fried dumplings
  • veggie bings
  • peking duck
  • assortment of chilled appetizers
  • picked side veggies
  • steamed bao tzi (my favorite!)
  • and more oodles of noodles!

Why I love it:

  • hand pulled and knife cut noodles
  • complimentary pickled and salty veggie side dishes
  • the assortment of condiments served with peking duck

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