xi’an or western peace

xi’an is known as the birthplace of chinese civilization. it is one of the great ancient capitals of china — being the home to more than a decade of dynasties. the city lies among 8 rivers and mountains, in the center of the fertile guanzhong plain in shaanxi province, giving xi’an the best and unique feng shui.

i hope my pictures provide a snapshot of the amazing history here and the unique blend of the xi’an culture. the muslim influence here is very apparent from the people’s dress, architecture and local cuisine. the local people really love their hand made noodles and dumplings. in fact, the dumplings in xi’an are as artistic as they are delicious!

besides the yummy food, one of the other highlights was meeting one of the original farmers who discovered the terracota warriors and riding a bike along the city wall just before sunset.

xi’an was truly amazing and i can see why it’s called “western peace”!


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • Stella McCartney for Gap Kids sweater that fits me
  • my new Hermes cuff
  • enjoying a bicycle ride along the city wall

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