china doll in modern shanghai

what to do in shanghai? sightsee, eat, shop, snack, and shop some more. oh and even get a haircut at a local salon. yup, that’s exactly what i did!

after telling the receptionist at our hotel that i liked her hair and desperately needed a haircut, she recommended her stylist and secured an appointment with him for that same evening…

now i’m sporting a fobby, sassy haircut with straight across bangs (think china doll!) it was definitely an experience that i won’t forget and thanks to my hubby for capturing it with these snapshots.  i feel like i’ve been touched by a true artist. thank you jones!


What I wore today:

  • an overdue haircut (i finally caved as i was trying to grow out my hair)
  • long, dry, lifeless hair
  • even longer bangs that desperately needed a trim

Why I love it:

  • my hair stylist goes by one name only and it’s “Jones”
  • my hair stylist wore dark rimmed glasses with no lenses
  • my haircut only cost 108 RMB (~$15) which included shampoo, cut, deep conditioning scalp massage, shoulder and neck massage and blow dry!

3 thoughts on “china doll in modern shanghai”

  1. I grew up in Shanghai, and every time I go back I make sure to buy some clothes at Urban Tribe on Fuxing Lu (in the old French Concession). Look forward to seeing what you do here!

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