what helen ate in shanghai

today’s post is dedicated to some of the favorite things that i ate in shanghai. and you thought what i ate in beijing was mouth watering…

shanghainese cuisine is known to be a tad sweeter and more delicate than other chinese food. it’s actually one of my favorite types of food!

the first dish that comes to my mind is the stir-fried shrimps. this dish is all about the choice of shrimp. the locals always prefer the river shrimps (smaller in size and more expensive than fresh water shrimp) because they have a very pleasant smell. the shrimps are marinated in egg white, chicken essence and sesame oil. When done, the shrimps turn semi-transparent in a light pink colour, with a tenderly firm texture. the stir-fried river shrimps are sweet, juicy and super delicious. and it’s common to  add some black vinegar for an extra kick of flavor!

the other dish (and a favorite of my hubby’s) that comes to my mind is the quintessential shanghainese soup dumplings. we ordered a crate almost everywhere we ate in shanghai. our tour guide taught us a special technique to eat them so that the soup doesn’t spill out  and that you don’t burn your tongue — make a small hole in the dumpling and sip out the soup. the hole also allows some hot steam to air out.

enjoy the food pics!


What I ate in shanghai:

  • stir-fried river shrimp
  • Shanghaninese soup dumplings (or xiao long baos)
  • smoked fish in sweet sauce
  • ma lan tao cold appetizer (my favorite!)
  • braised pork belly
  • chicken soup
  • stir-fried eel with noodles
  • cold duck in sweet soybean sauce

Why I love it:

  • slightly sweet taste in all Shanghainese dishes
  • assorted cold appetizers from the wild vegetables to the smoked fish to the duck
  • river seafood such as the shrimp, crab and fish dishes

4 thoughts on “what helen ate in shanghai”

  1. *drooling* everything looks sooo good. Great Pictures! I think you should change the blog to what-helen-ate

  2. Ugh. I love the picture of Mike infront of that small (short) door :). I am hungry, again.

    I want to see more pictures/posts please!

    BTW, for decoration purposes, i think you should blow up a couple of food related pictures of where you’ve been and hang it up in your kitchen, because they look oh so pretty!

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