cloud nine

the hubby and i were in LA this past weekend for our cousin’s wedding. it was beautiful. everything about weddings makes me happy. the love, the joy, and of course, the fashion! i was intrigued by this 70-year old auntie (eldest sister of the mother of the bride) – her style, her beauty, her elegance. at one point, we bonded over her beautiful LV evening bag. take a look! i hope you like not only what i wore but also what the hubby wore 🙂


What I wore today:

Why I love it:

  • cloud prints!
  • outfit coordinated with the hubby
  • vintage Stella McCartney

5 thoughts on “cloud nine”

  1. Hi! I have been looking literally EVERYWHERE for that dress! I am not at all surprised to see it on you, as I can tell from looking around your site that your sense of style is exquisite! Do you by any chance still have the dress? And in what size? I would be willing to buy it from you, provided that it will fit. If you already donated it to Crossroads, could you tell me what location? and I’ll give them a call.

    Thank you! I don’t own very many nice things and I was really hoping to reward myself with this dress. It’s been a hard year.


    1. Hi! I love that dress too. Unfortunately I’m not selling it as I’m in love with it as much as you 🙂 I hope you are able to find it available online or even on ebay! I got mine from the Outnet.

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