print on plaid

print on plaid and red pumps M2Malletier amor fati bag Zara print bomber jacket on Dries Van Noten plaid shirt print on plaid, jeans and red pumps

Jacket: Zara (old). Shirt: Dries Van Noten (finally found it at Bergdorf Goodman). Bag: M2Malletier Amor Fati in black. Shoes: Chloe Chen (old). Jeans: Zara. Beanie: Tzipporah.

6 thoughts on “print on plaid”

  1. Hi!!! May I ask what size of the dries van noten shirt u r wearing. And do you know if this shirt still available anywhere? I have been looking for it in any color everywhere!

    1. Hi! I scoured the Internet and stores for mine. I’ll email you some possible stores that might still have it. I’m wearing a size 38 in this one but it runs pretty generous so I have another one in size 36. I hope that helps!

      1. Oh my, it’s a very nice of you. I already got your email and will try to contact them 🙂 u know, I know you from instagram….u liked one of my picture!!…very surprise 😀 I have to tell you that you got many of very nice stuff with the very good sense of style ^^ perfect :))))

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