Marni camel coat M2Malletier amor fati bag in black lola hats fur pom hat and demy lee striped top fur pom, stripes and pop of red

Fur pom cap: Lola HatsCoat: Marni (old and last seen here). Top: Demy LeeJeans: Acne (old). Bracelet: Chanael K and Cartier. Bag: M2Malletier. Shoes: J Crew. 

5 thoughts on “francophile”

  1. I always look forward to your blog updates…definitely love your style.
    I’ve been thinking of getting those j crew flats and wanted to ask you if they were TTS or a half size small. Thanks

    1. thanks Olivia! I usually wear a size 7.5-8 and I ended up getting the 7.5 because that’s all they had available. I think they fit TTS but I also have narrow feet. I hope that helps!

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