oh stella, i even love your dressing rooms

stella mccartney fitting room details dressing room selfie 2 stella mccartney fitting room details dressing room selfie 1

Coat: Stella McCartney (scored for 70% off at Saks.com!!!). Jeans: Frame Denim. Sneakers: Isabel Marant. (All pictures taken at the new Stella McCartney boutique in Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA).

10 thoughts on “oh stella, i even love your dressing rooms”

  1. Hi Helen – I love looking at your posts, your style is amazing! I want one of everything you wear 🙂 Thanks for sharing your finds! I have a sizing favor to ask of you… I read in a previous post that you wear a US 7.5 to 8. So do I – can you please tell me what size you wear in the Isabel Marant Bart sneaker, the IM Holden slide and the IM Dicker boot? Thanks!

  2. Hi Helen – thanks for your quick response! Your help will give me a good starting point with the IM shoes, the french sizing can be confusing. For more comparison, I have the Saint and Libertine Taylor shoes in bone like you have in an 8, what size are yours? Also, I bought the Stan Smith Adidas in what the box says a US 6 and US 6 1/2 (I guess because they’re unisex, I ordered and 7.5 and 8), they both fit, but I can’t decide which pair I will like the fit better in the long run. What size do you wear in those? Thanks for your time!

      1. Thanks for checking – now I’m kind if confused though. The 6.5 Stan Smiths are kind if loose on me, but there’s no way I could wear the Saint and Libertine’s in a 7. Sorry to question, but are you sure of the sandal size? If so I’d probably need to order the IM shoes in a 39. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jani,
    I totally understand your confusion. I was also surprised to see that the sandals were 7M but I think because I didn’t want them to be too lose. They are snug on me though and my big toe barely sticks out hahaha I had to get US 6.5 for the Adidas Stan Smiths because the Paris store didn’t have US 6. I think the 6 would’ve been better because the 6.5 are a little roomy on me.

  4. Hi Helen –
    It sounds like we are the same size after all because I wish my Saint and Libertine sandals were a 7.5 😉 You’re so sweet to help with all my questions! Can’t wait to see what you wear (and then I want to buy)
    next 🙂

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